HOW IT WORKS, a brief run through

The business started in 2005 and we are not the actual printer, but with over 40 years’ experience,

we will look after and manage your enquiry and order on your behalf.

We take your enquiry, write up a specification and go out to several suppliers for a quote, all of whom we have already visited and know they can do a good job and deliver a quality product.

Having first checked that they can do the work that your enquiry is for, that is not always done in the case of the individual supplier sometimes who knocks on your door. We have seen before that printers like to say yes, although they haven’t got the machinery to do the work required as they haven’t kept up with technology.

At the same time, we look at the specification and seek prices for alternatives that will either save you money or improve the product and show you alternative options on the quote, for you to consider.

Depending if they are required or not, paper samples or made up dummies are provided as well, for free.

We then take the best quote, put a small mark up on for the business and provide you with the quote to consider,

which is “FREE & WITH NO OBLIGATION TO THEN DO ANYTHING WITH” other than offer us some feedback.

We will personally look after your order from the supply of your finished print ready printers’ pdfs

or get involved with the design if necessary or we are more than happy to deal directly with your designers.

We will follow the production process all the way through and make sure your required and agreed delivery date is achieved and a quality product delivered at the quoted price.

Often, we will be visiting your job on press, on your behalf, to check that all is ok and ensure the quality is upheld and the communication of what is required and expected is made.

By offering and giving excellent print management customer service and our experience, we will try & help identify those things that potentially can go wrong, before they do, which can often result in costly reprints. And if there are issues, we will sort them out, on your behalf with your agreement, on your behalf.

We would then invoice you as per the agreed quote and you pay the invoice, on or before 30 days from the date of the invoice, all that as a one stop shop, with one point of contact.

In short,

We manage the work on your behalf, saving you the time in doing so, to let you do other things

and often charging at a rate cheaper than you will get by going direct to others, or perhaps going to an inappropriate supplier.

Placing your print orders with us, is the most efficient way your business can manage the buying of print, you could save money, save your time, be more efficient, have less hassle, less problems to solve………

You have nothing to lose and everything to save!