3mm of bleed is required on all outside edges so that we are able to trim to desired size.Cutting into colour and not leaving any white showing. So the image area of an A4 page with bleed should measure: 303x216mm inc. bleed.


Spot colour must be confirmed with the pantone colour reference number.

If you have a particular colour reference or previous printed copy you require us to match to, please supply it to me.

Coated stock : FOGRA 39 or Uncoated stock : FOGRA 47


If the product is drilled down the left hand side, allow for this in the design, otherwise, the drill holes may well ‘eat’ into type matter or illustrations.


where ever possible, folios or page numbers should be included on the artwork for multi page brochures. To maintain correct page order.


All images should be 300dpi and supplied as CMYK,before making the final pdf. There should be “NO RGB content”.

Please note when scanning the maximum cmyk density should be no more than 300%. Line artwork should be supplied at between 600/1200dpi


Should never be saved out of cmyk but saved as black only.


a single leave has two sides, or two pages, so you always have twice the amount of pages to the amount of leaves


each job should be supplied as a single pdf : with multiple pages supplied as individual final page pdfs, within that pdf, with all hi res pics, all required fonts, crop marks and bleed included and embedded within the pdf. Replacement pdfs may well be charged extra to handle.

If a separate cover and text is to be produced, then a separates folder for the cover is needed with the cover pdfs within and a separate folder for the text with the individual page pdfs within that text folder. All text pages should be clearly folio numbered.

It is recommended that the advice on the PASS 4 PRESS web site is followed for pdf creation. (

PDF orientation should be upright, even if the image is landscape.


Please make sure correct spine is provided. Contact me if you require spine width for your job.

The inside front / first page of text / last page of text / inside back / require 7mm, for glueing and the hinge.This means 7mm away from spine in total will be lost. Please take this into account when setting up the job, and keep items like text away from this area.


Proofs wherever possible are advisable so that we can spot potential problems before getting to press.Proofs that are supplied to you, should be carefully checked and approval to proceed, emailed to me. Alterations, or re supplied pdfs after this checking has taken place, may result in extra charges.

To save you money, proofs should be checked before the final printers pdfs go to the printer. Alterations once the printer gets them may well be charged for.


When printing on high gsm and large paginations the image will move closer to the foredge of the page.This is known as “creep”.

the printer will allow for this at the imposition stage, but you should be aware of this, that it will happen, if the design allows for it.


Please make sure the UV is a solid colour and preferably a separate file.


A maximum ink coverage of 300% for colour images, under colour removal should be carried out to ensure that the maximum TA figure is achieved. On solid blacks, a cyan can be put behind of no more than 40%.

I Hope this is helpful, if you require any assistance then please contact me.