CASE STUDIES, a couple of real examples

Case Study One

The customer supplied the final print ready pdfs. We took their pdfs and proofed the job back to the customer

For them to do a final check.

The job was an A4 catalogue, 4 page cover with 240 pages text with the text “step indexed” down the fore edge.

So, when the customer emailed giving approval to print, we managed to give the job a final check ourselves and suggested that we didn’t proceed as there was an issue with the way the files had been presented.

The customer at this point was adamant that we should proceed until we pointed out that if we proceeded when we came to trim following their trim marks, we would trim off all the “step indexing”.

The customer had set the trim marks inside the “Step Indexing” area.

The job would have delivered and invoiced which was around £28,000 and they would have to have paid that invoice. They would then have discovered the issue with the trimming and had to have the whole job re printed again costing another £28,000

Needless to say, the error was picked up, the files changed, and the job was printed correctly and delivered, and the customer was happy and £28,000 better off than they might have been.

Case Study Two

With the exhibition rapidly approaching and the company brochure needing printing to be able to give out at the show at the NEC. The final approved pdfs should have been ready, but they weren’t, as some photographs of some of the items in the brochure hadn’t arrived.

The deadline came and went. The result was we got the final pdfs, printed the job, bound it through the night, drove to the printers and collected it and we then drove to the exhibition at the NEC and took the finished brochures onto the customers stand as the exhibition started.

Got back to the car, only to discover we had a puncture!

Happy days, happy customer.

This case we have actually done something similar on more than one occasion ending up delivering printed items to the NEC on previous occasions.