The business was started in 2005 by David Richards after he decided that he could look after the customer better by dealing directly with them instead of through a third-party printer.

He also realised that this way opened up the Print Market to his customers instead of only being able to represent the printer he was employed by.

He was now able to work and represent the customer more instead of the printer that used to employ him and pay his wages.

His background, in the industry, was a trained Print Compositor, into Estimating, Customer Service and Customer Service Manager, Project Manager and then into Sales.

Gaining experience across the industry with some of the major print companies across the UK

Having been made redundant four times, before setting up the business in 2005.

Married, with my wife Alison and living in Birmingham,

We have two adult children, Adams an Architect in Birmingham and Kirsty a Marine Biologist and now living and working in the Philippines.